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Big Valley Campsite, Margaret River, Western Australia

Rating: 4/5

Location: Big Valley Campsite, Margaret River, Western Australia – Lat: 33 59 04 S Long: 115 09 18 E

Hello Margaret River, I’ve been waiting so long to get to know you!

Our stay in Perth was enjoyable not only from a tourist perspective, but had also enabled us to get a bunch of things done to get us prepared for our onward journey. Lots of boring but essential stuff like new tyres on the car – although Kev was pretty excited about the tyres. Yeah, I nearly wet myself with the excitement about what those in the industry apparently call ‘aggressive’ all terrain tread.

The pictures below are driving out of Perth. It’s beautiful, even looking back.

Leaving Perth (2) Leaving Perth (1)

We said our Perth goodbyes on Monday and headed south to Margaret River – one of Australia’s premier wine regions. Now we’re talking excitement.

The Western Australia kids were back at school so park prices dropped and camp sites emptied of the big holiday crowds.

We decided that our next stop would be a farm stay and Big Valley Campsite is about 10 kilometres south of the town of Margaret River. It is a working sheep station and great spot to use as a base to explore the area and they’ve got some great grassy paddocks and a dam where a couple of old spaniels I know can run amok.

The facilities are rustic but very clean, the owners are friendly and the place has a really great feel about it.

Big Valley campsite (9) Big Valley campsite (8) Big Valley campsite (11) Big Valley campsite (7) Big Valley campsite (13) Big Valley campsite (12) Big Valley campsite (6) Big Valley campsite (1)

The heavy autumn rain arrived in our last few days in Perth and it showered off and on once we arrived at the campsite. Moreover, it is COLD! The first night’s temperature got down to around eight degrees celcius and was expected to climb up to about 20 during the day for the rest of the week and drop to around six at night. Flannie jarmies and fluffy slippers might be the evening fashion choice for the next few weeks!

We spent our second day in the area exploring the wineries and towns within about a 20 kilometre radius of our farm stay.

Of course, Leeuwin Estate was high on our list of favourite wineries to visit and we stopped in for a taste of it’s red and white delights. We visited several other wineries but didn’t partake in too many tastes – not only because Kev was driving and would have wept big boy tears if I had enjoyed too many tipples, but also because it was difficult to visit most of them with the dogs (Kilikanoon, I miss you!).

Leeuwin Estate Winery (2) Leeuwin Estate Winery (4) Leeuwin Estate Winery (3) Leeuwin Estate Winery (1)

The roads around Margaret River are mostly bitumen and getting around is easy. We stopped in at several wineries including Voyager Estate, Brookland Valley and Howard Park Madfish Winery. Kev was keen to stop into Moss Wood winery but testament to his taste in wine, it is “by appointment only”. What is it that they say about ‘champagne taste and beer money’?

Howard Park Madfish Winery Brookland Valley Winery (2) Brookland Valley Winery (1)

We drove through the town of Prevelly on the coast and it is a surfer’s paradise.There are heaps of empty car parking areas so it must be very busy there in the summertime.

There were a few surfers there but it was cold so I reckon they probably went to the pub instead. I’m not sure why their statue has such big hands and feet – nor do I understand the blindfold. That’s art I guess.

Prevelly (3) Prevelly (2) Prevelly (4) Prevelly (5) Prevelly (1)

We also drove through Gracetown – it was very quiet but very picturesque and surrounded by national park.


The Dome Cafe

Finally, a late lunch at the Dome restaurant in Margaret River. Thanks for taking care of us and the dogs – you guys rock!

We’ll stay at Big Valley for another day – after the hubbub of the city, it is a lovely spot to breathe and relax.



Until we talk again, remember to be kind to yourself – wish we could be there to help!

Big Valley campsite (5) Big Valley campsite (4) Big Valley campsite (3) Big Valley campsite (2) Big Valley campsite (10)

Cost: $28 per night (powered)
Dump point: Yes
Fishing: No
Phone/internet: Yes
Showers: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Water: Yes